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We are thankful for your attendance at the 25th Annual Natchitoches Jazz/R&B Festival and want to help make your festival experience a great one. While bringing chairs is encouraged, we must caution that ABSOLUTELY NO CHAIRS WILL BE ALLOWED IN THE AMPHITHEATER OR IN THE AREA IN FRONT OF OR TO THE SIDE OF THE MAIN STAGE. 


The prohibition of chairs in these areas is due to space limitations and the expectation of our largest crowd to date. Chairs in the amphitheater reduce available space for the number of festival-goers, who can comfortably fit by 50% so your cooperation is greatly appreciated.


CHAIRS ARE ALLOWED AT THE OTHER THREE STAGES. Our hope is that folks bring their chairs and use them to relax and enjoy the music at the side stages while alternating between those and sitting on the tiers at the amphitheater or standing in front of the main stage. There will be great music on ALL the stages!  That is the best way to enjoy the full festival experience!


Thank you for understanding and for your participation in this festive annual event. We look forward to seeing you there.


The Natchitoches Jazz R&B Festival Board of Directors

You may want to consider purchasing VIP tickets. Seating is available in the shaded area to the side of the main stage. They are ON SALE now, with limited availability. They are going FAST so get yours today.

You are also free to use your personal chairs in the VIP area. 


- No Refunds. 

- No Rain Out Location. 

- No Ice Chests. 

- No Pets. 

- No Parking on Riverbank. 

- Lawn Chairs are permitted ONLY in front of 2 Side Stages & on the sidewalk above the amphitheater. 

- Armbands can be purchased on the day of the festival or with online orders.

– Pick up armbands at the ticket booth downtown with your receipt. 

- For more information, please call Julie at 318-471-5778 or email us at

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