Natchitoches Jazz/R&B Festival

Natchitoches Jazz/R&B Festival

Vendor - Electrical Hookups

  • All electrical connections must meet the specifications and metering requirements set forth by the City of Natchitoches.
  • As per City ordinance, portable generators may not be used for electricity.
  • Household duty extension cords and other unapproved methods of electrical connection are not allowed.
  • Each booth requiring electricity must be connected and metered individually by the city.
  • The Natchitoches Jazz Festival Committee will arrange for all electrical connections.


  1. All wiring in booths or tents must meet all National Electrical Codes adopted by the City of Natchitoches.
  2. Booths or structures requiring electricity from 20 amps to 70 amps, at 240 volts must furnish breaker and S-O cord to match load.
  3. Service 70 amps or lower - the load wires on 100-amp breaker must be moved to blank space provided.
  4. A 110 volt 20 amp GFI receptacle, a 30 amp R-V 110 volt and a 50 amp 240 volt receptacle is provided below each meter, these are pre-wired. R-V plug is not intended for large concessions, also only one type R-V plug provided. Any R-V or trailer requiring 240 volt service 60 or 70 amp will have to use terminal block and furnish a breaker of correct size to match cord. No extension cords used in R-V outlet.
  5. For tents or structures using an extension cord, use GFI Breaker.
  6. Cord from trailer of R-V must be in good condition.
  7. Romex not allowed
  8. Cord must be 3 wire grounded or 4 wire grounded depending on application.

    1. No. 2 Strand S-O 4 conductor rating- 95 amp.
    2. No. 4 Strand S-O 4 conductor rating-70 amp.
    3. No. 6 Strand S-O 4 conductor rating-55 amp.
    4. No. 8 Strand S-O 4 conductor rating-40 amp.
    5. No. 10 Strand S-O 4 conductor rating-30 amp.
    6. No. 12 Strand S-O 4 conductor rating-25 amp.

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